March 29th to March 31st, 2022, Hong Kong

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3F /4F, NO.150 Liulin Road, HuangPu District, Shanghai, China 

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Creative & Innovative Oral Care Products, Devices , Technologies 
Who is RunningTooth 

Committed to providing the innovative technology service of the oral care industry. Research consumers, provide cutting-edge market information, disseminate knowledge of oral care, and organize industry summits,symposiums on Academic Exchange. Practice the brand-new concept of oral care experience, open the door of seamless and precise docking between hospital clinics and consumers. To achieve and create better oral care services, to bring consumers a more convenient and comfortable oral care experiences.

Klenina Natalia Sergeevna

Development technologist in R&D Department of SPLAT Global and Ex-innovation manager in R&D Department of SPLAT Global

Yaremenko Andrey Ilyich

Vice President of Russian Dental Association,
President of Dental Association of St. Petersburg and

Chief external dentist expert of St. Petersburg

James J. Scheetz

President of SmartMouth

New Products

New Devices

New Technologies 

The Whole World Know It






Summit colorful points and advantages

Relevant enterprise reports will be releases to over 200 well-known media platforms after summit




Summit theme focus on “ creative & innovative & newest

oral care brands ,products , dental technologies & services “

Summit size 35 speakers +

500 attendees

No training class, summit size is small and refined. Attendees comes from 30+ developed countries.




Around 500 outstanding professors, doctors, dentists, business elites, representatives from well-known hospitals, universities, chain clinics, leading oral care products brands, oral care medicines, innovative dental technological enterprises, and dental equipment suppliers will show up in the summit, along with leading representatives & leaders of international dental associations, partners from global well-known consulting companies and investors in the oral care field from worldwide.

A combination of business and academic

Experts comes with companies together as speakers, Summit deliver new ideas, convictions, strategies and tactics , compelling content and concise reviews of the latest use of new techniques, committed to be the wind vane of dental industry.


The venue will always be in Hong Kong, once a year

Dental Industry Invitation

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The first journal of Asia Pacific Oral Care International Exchange Summit

Preparations for epidemic prevention of the APAC Oral Care International Exchange Summit


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RunningTooth information technology co.,ltd 
3F /4F, NO.150 Liulin Road, HuangPu District Shanghai, China

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